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Creation cciar

The Islamic Cultural Center "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd in Argentina" is considered the largest Islamic Cultural Center in Latin America.

The idea of its construction began to take shape in the late seventies, when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened its Embassy in the Argentina's capital. It was considered then very important to build a major Islamic Center in Argentina that fulfills the function of making known the Arab culture and Islamic Civilization to the Argentina society and responds also to the aspirations of the Islamic Community in Argentina in this sense.

Since then, the Embassy worked with the Argentine authorities to fulfill that desire, and found, from the first time, a full backup by all government agencies, including the Argentina Presidency, to the realization of the interest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build the center.

Finally, that desire translated into reality when the Argentine government decided to generously donate land in the Federal Capital to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build an Islamic Center for the Islamic Community in Argentina, meanwhile assuming the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , full funding of its construction.

The design of the project was entrusted to a Saudi company of high standing in the field of construction and architecture to ensure the center is a prototype construction that reflects the Arab and Islamic civilization in Argentina and constitutes a cultural landmark in Latin America. The construction, however, was conducted by an Argentine company.


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