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Guided tours
Regularly the Center receives general public and tourists on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 12am. Also it organizes special visits on other days of the week for universities, colleges and other institutions.

Open to the general public from Monday to Saturday. It has a large variety of books in Arabic, English and Spanish.

Arabic Language Learning
The Arabic language instruction program consists of four levels. Each level has a duration of four months beginning the quarters in the months of March and August.

Classes and Seminars on Islamic Culture and Civilization
They are held on Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays  in the afternoon at the Center Library and in the Mosque there are classes on Islamic Culture and Civilization as well as seminars on various topics.

Radio Program
The Center presents the weekly program "Discovering Islam" on Tuesdays at 15hs, 93.9 FM Palermo Radio.

Distribution of books
Books and pamphlets are distributed concerning Islamic culture and civilization, and about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Cultural Programs
The Center conducts many cultural programs and activities throughout the year such as contests, Arabic Olympics, conferences. It also participates annually in the International Book Fair to be held in Buenos Aires with a magnificent stand. Furthermore, there are symposia and scientific seminars, among other academic activities.

Celebrations and Social Events
The Center conducts activities in the month of Ramadan, prepares the celebration of the two Eids (Eid al Fitr, Eid Al Adha) and organizes social events, such as the "family entertainment day" once a year. It also organizes monthly family meetings and weddings.The Center distributes dates, clothes, medicines, Zakat al Fitr, and meat on the Feast of Sacrifice, among many other activities.

Sport Activities
The Center receives numerous teams that benefit from the ample green space, and the practice of football and other sports.

King Fahd School
Educational establishment dedicated to child development and learning from early childhood through adolescence.

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