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Divisions of the Center cciar

The Center comprises various facilities and sectors:

1. A large mosque endowed with two minarets and capacity for 1500 worshipers. The second floor contains an oratory for women with capacity for 500 worshipers. It also has bathrooms, spacious places for ablutions, a very spacious courtyard and an entrance decorated with a large water fountain.

2. A general library with capacity for more than 10,000 books and about 500 people.

3. A large auditorium for lectures and a gallery for exhibitions and multi-cultural and religious activities.

4. Offices for management and administrative secretariats of the Center.

5. An educational section consists of two schools, primary and secondary, each of which comprises sixteen study rooms. Besides there is a large area for the kindergarten.

6. A modern-equipped restaurant for preparing meals for students. A large dining room with capacity for 120 people.

7. Classrooms for teaching the Arabic language for adults.

8. An underground parking lot with capacity for more than 100 cars.

9. Entertainments tent with typical Arabic atmosphere.

10. Laboratories for students.

11. Children's playroom.

12. Park area with sport fields, parks, and gyms.

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